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V3 Native American

V3 Native American
V3 Native American
V3 Native American
Victoria3 is finally ready to udnertake her new role in the Far West, taking care of her tipi-or going hunting in the woods with M2-Native American or secretely meet with her M3-Mountain Man lover in a cave..
Whatever she chooses, she’ll do it in style in the Native American outfit pak, complete with clothes, props and a texture pak of 5 sets, enough to render a small tribe.
The bundle of clothes and smart props included in this pak, have been optimum mapped to take full advantage of the multi-materials assigned at reasonable map size and no need of bump maps, thus they provide high-res detail without being memory over-demanding, that usually brings Poser down to its knees at a moderate system.
The headband/armband strings have extra morphs for movement and the Indian Poncho conforms just on Victoria’s head and chest, making it possible to move, twist or bend the rest of the Poncho parts for accurate posing. Hiding the head of the poncho with the 3 utility poses provided, it’s possible to have Victoria with her hood down, up, no hood at all or both for a more realistic look of clothing wrap around her neck . (Please read further the easy instructions in the Readme file)
Special attention has also been given to high detail on all textures that compose 5 full sets.
All previous version textures – V2 Native American – are also included, further enchanced or slightly modified with additinal decoration.
The package includes in detail :
* Indian Dress
(Front and back skirt are moving separately for more realistic cloth movement.
Morphs included to both front or back: Wave, Twist, SideToSide, Bend)
* Indian Poncho
(Conforms partially to chest. Front and back abdomen, hip & thighs are moving
separately for more realistic cloth movement. All parts include the following
morphs: Twist, SideToSide, In-Out )
* L & R Indian Boot
* Indian Chocker
* L & R Indian ArmBands
* L & R Indian Bracelets
* Indian Headband
* Indian Headband Feather
(to apply and rotate in composition as many as you wish)
* L & R Headband IndianStrings
(Movement Morphs included: Wave Front-Back, Wave In-Out )
* L & R Arm IndianStrings
(Movement Morphs included: Wave Front-Back, Wave In-Out )
* Indian Knife
* Indian Sheath
* 31 MAT FILES for easy application of all textures provided
* 2 Utility Poses ( Poncho Hood UP or DOWN )
* 7 respective transmaps
All presets are compatible with Poser4 (RSR) & Poser ProPack (PNG).
Victoria 3 figure from DAZ, Poser4/ProPack
These poses show or hide specific materials of the poncho to provide the selected look but are unable to affect the texture settings. Therefore it is important to apply the poncho MAT file of the texture you prefer FIRST and then press on the hood utility pose of your choice.
Clicking through utility poses without prior selecting again the MAT file of your choice will result to dissapearance of the hood as utility poses are blank and can not choose a texture for you.
Clicking on the poncho MAT file of your choice will make both hoods appear textured right. Then you can choose Hood down or up to make one go if that’s the sort of look you’re after.

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