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Victoria 4 3D Model Pro Suite (DIM)

Victoria 4 3D Model Pro Suite (DIM)


The Victoria 4.2 3D Model Pro Suite contains over  worth of Victoria 4 content. This includes everything in the Victoria 4.2 Starter Bundle and Pro Bundle, the V4 Elite Bundle, Victoria 4 Muscle Morphs, Creature Creator Morphs and Add Ons, Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit, and V4 Unimesh Clothing Bundle #3 making this the absolute best value for your money of all the Victoria 4 bundles. Take advantage of everything you need to get started with Victoria 4 NOW!


how to install

 What’s Included and Features

This Suite Includes:
Victoria 4.2 Base
Victoria 4.2 Pro Bundle
Victoria 4.2 Starter Bundle
Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
Victoria 4 Skin Maps (Std Res)
Amarseda Hair
V4 Basicwear
Shigi Hair
Domino for V4
Victoria 4 Skin Maps (High Res)
Grace for V4
Helena for V4
Ambrosia – Poses for V4
Stylish Shoes – Anklewrap Pumps for V4
Victoria 4 Wet Maps
V4 Elite Bundle
V4 Elite Texture: Maya
V4 Elite Texture: Amy
V4 Elite Texture: Lana
V4 Elite Life Poses
V4 Elite Body Shapes
Victoria 4.2 Muscle Morphs
Victoria 4.2 Creature Creator Morphs
Victoria 4.2 Creature Creator Add Ons
Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit
V4 Unimesh Clothing Bundle # 3
Hot Chili
Hot Chili Unimesh Fits
Babydoll Unimesh Fits
V4 Future Cop
Future Cop Unimesh Fits
Anjiru Unimesh Fits
Techno Tabby
Techno Tabby Unimesh Fits
Earane Outfit
Earane Outfit Unimesh Fits
The Destroyer for V4
The Destroyer Unimesh Fits
Mini Dress
Mini Dress Unimesh Fits
Evening Star Dress
Evening Star Dress Unimesh Fits



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