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Dark Raven Bundle STZ Bike STZ Queen of roads

 Dark Raven Bundle

Dark Raven Bundle

Highly detailed modeling in combination with photo realistic textures by master texturer DarkStarBurning, Dark Raven is a unique clothing pack for DAZ 3D's Victoria 4. It includes a set of highly detailed weapons, is loaded with morphs and is super-conforming. Now bundled with the Dark Raven futuristic pose-able motorcycle.

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STZ Bike

STZ Bike
STZ Bike
“STZ Bike”- Extreme quality hi polygonal model for Poser (FireFly only) and DAZ studio(Iray only).

Included in this Package:
1 Bike in .cr2 format with .obj file
1 Bike in .duf format
5 Mat pose for Poser (.pz2)
10 Materials for Daz Studio (.duf)

STZ Queen of roads

STZ Queen of roads
STZ Queen of roads
“STZ Queen of roads” – it’s a 24 unique quality poses collection for V4; G3 Female; G8 Female.
Using “STZ Queen of roads” with “STZ Bike”
First you should buy and install “STZ Bike” product.


A 3D-figure of a Motorcycle look a little bit like a CBR-1100XX
by Honda.
– CBR1100XX-Motorcyle-Figure for Poser and Daz-Studio
– Poser- and DS-Materials (8 body-colors)
– some Poses for Victoria 4
Moveable parts on the motorcycle (Poser & DS):
– wheels are rotable
– fronthandlebar- and wheel can be turned left and right
– levers on handlebar and pedals are moveable
– kickstand is moveable


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