viernes, 4 de mayo de 2018

Evenesk's Elite The Bundle for V4

NR Elements Pt. 1 for Evenesk's Elite EXPERIMENT for Evenesk's Elite
Ancient Minotaur: Pasiphae for Evenesk's EliteRituals - Evenesk's Elite

 Evenesk's EliteEvenesk Fantasia 
Millennium for Evenesk's Elite

Evenesk’s Elite plus 6 addons for V4 (NLA)
Evenesk’s Elite Details
This product is no longer available.
Victoria 4 (by DAZ3D), Poser (optimized for 5 and above), tested in DAZ studio but optimized for Poser (shaders are Poser only, some material settings may need editing, everything else works properly).

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