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New Genitalia For Victoria 6 – 2.0

New Genitalia For Victoria 6 - 2.0
New Genitalia For Victoria 6 – 2.0
Updated on 01/15/2017:
When the thigh bending correction morphs of NGV6-2 are activated in DAZ Studio, some vertices will move in the wrong direction. This will cause distortions to appear in some places of NGV6-2. So I made an update to fix this problem. Please note that if you haven’t upgraded to DAZ Studio, then do not install this update.
Updated on 03/03/2016:
Added the corresponding thigh bending correction morphs for G2F, Victoria 6, Aiko 6, Belle 6, Callie 6, Gia 6, Girl 6, Giselle 6, Keiko 6, Olympia 6, Lilith 6, Mei Lin 6, Monique 6, Ninive 6 and Stephanie 6. When the thigh of these characters are bent(bend = -115°, side-side = ±85°), the thigh bending correction morphs will automatically correct the distortion on the new gens.

Updated on 12/14/2015:
In previous versions, the script identifies the type of a texture by its file name only. According to the feedback from customers, I have created a new script. This new script will try to distinguish the type of a texture by its file name first. If it fail, the script will then use the property which the texture is affiliated with to try again. Hence users will no longer bother with the file name issue of textures.
Updated on 11/29/2015:
1. Added full support for Gia.
2. Modified New Genitalia For Victoria 6 – 2.0.dsa, so that NGV6-2.0 can be applied to Domina.
3. Added a new script – Remove NG From Current Character.dsa, which can help users remove NGV6-2.0 from a character cleanly.
New Genitalia For Victoria 6 – 2.0 is a completely new genitalia prop for Genesis 2 female character. It uses the same technology as New Genitalia For Victoria 7.
This new prop has all the features of the V7 gens including the automatic script, and has been improved a lot.
It supports 16 main base UVs from Daz, including G2F, Victoria 6, Stephanie 6, Olympia etc.
According to the character’s Shader, the script of New Genitalia For Victoria 6 – 2.0 automatically optimizes the parameters of material zones. So regardless of what Shader your character uses, you can get a decent render result immediately(Please see the sample pictures).
Note: This prop uses DAZ script, so currently it can not be used in Poser.
Product Requirements:
Daz Studio 4.8+
Genesis 2 characters.
*[Update files are left “as is” inside the zip and not aggregated. First install the original file, then the updates chronologically, overwriting any files that are needed.]

Required Product:Victoria 6

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