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Render Artist 2

Render Artist 2

Render Artist 2
Render Artist 2
Render Artist is back! Presenting 4 new one-click action scripts for Photoshop (Designed for PS9 or later, though they should run on Photoshop 7+).
These scripts will turn renders (or even photographs) into stylized artistic treatments.
Each action is ONE CLICK. Actions will work on PNG layered files, or flattened images (such as JPGs).
RA BW Shaded – heavy and dark Sin City style black and white shadows/lights.
RA Cartoon Shaded – lighter cell-shading effect with subtle edges.
RA Retro Cartoon – heavy hand-drawn ink and color style with faded edges.
RA Hard Pencil – high detailed pencil sketch complete with graphic stained paper.
Simply drop the ATN file onto your computer and LOAD ACTIONS from the Actions palette in photoshop, then browse to and load RenderArtist2.atn

Tips for Use:
Simply open an image (PNG layer or flattened background image) and click your desired action.


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